Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rena Western - Sunflower and Bomber

Rena Western - Red and Moss
Lucy Ring - Italian Mahogany
Lucy Ring (Western Version) - Slate and Black

Lucy Ring - Lattice (no longer available) and British Tan

Mary - Orange on Slate

Ronnie Wallet - above, Olive and Slate
below, Red and Black Croc

Myra - Moss, British Tan, and Orange
Cora - Silver on Slate Blue



Rena Glam - Red on Bomber
Jane - Pull-up Brown and Lamb croc.
Myra - Moss, Bronze and Olive
Sadie - Bomber and Rustic Grey
Lotus - Rustic Brown with Mahogany and Brown Croc detail
9mm - Gold on Black
Linda - Cranberry and Brown Croc
Flip Revised - Brown Croc on British Tan
Ivy - Brown with greens
Ronnie - Cranberry, British Tan, and Moss

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Gutter Belt" Very weathered look. 100% scrap leather with
rustic rivets and "gutter" buckle. Rustic beat up rings hold belt together.