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Types of Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary Rings are generally given between wedded couples on their wedding date mostly after 1 year of successful marriage or a few years after the event. By exchanging these Anniversary rings couples endorse their loyalty and warmth for one another and their fortitude to make the marriage a real success.

 1. Anniversary band – Yellow gold - prong setting

 2. Eternity Band – round diamonds – channel setting

3. Anniversary Band – round diamonds – pave setting

4. Anniversary band – round diamonds – prong setting

5. Anniversary band – white gold – bezel setting

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Models of Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Regardless of its mixture Diamond Engagement Rings are beautiful and striking. Depending on your purpose, Diamond Engagement rings are always priceless and sentimental. 
  • Through the years, the use of Diamond Engagement rings has always been connected with weddings and engagements. And among so many types and kinds of Diamond Engagement rings that have emerge over time, one of most popular choices of brides and groom is golden and White Gold Diamond Engagement rings.
  • If you are already looking forward to wearing a valuable white gold diamond engagement ring on your finger, then you might as well do a little investigate about it before finally purchasing it. Eapril.com has a huge collection of Diamond Engagement Rings. Being a Manufacturer of high quality diamond jewelry, we can hit most of the competition, and serve you with most competitive pricing and offer wide variety for your Diamond Engagement Ring.

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Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery

Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery

For love Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery is not only valuable but also makes a perfect gift for Makeityourring diamond engagement rings and any special occasion like engagement, birthday, Valentine's Day and the like. 

Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery

All diamond wedding sets jewelry collection is blessed as the beautiful diamond earrings and beautiful diamond rings. Similarly, special occasion like an engagement is blessed when it comes to a small jewel called diamond engagement ring. Diamond Jewellery is always in fashion and trend and attracts a large line of the fan. Diamond Rings makes quite a valuable fashion investment. You feel stylish, elegant and trendy, and there are studs on every woman's taste and personality. The best thing about diamond engagement rings style  is that they never go out of style and can be passed from generation to generation with great balance and grace.

Diamond Rings Jewelry on the finger of a person in the form of a circle, again the most cherished moments of your life and refreshes the person is the engagement ring. Engagement is a time when two people decide to get married and the ring is the symbol of the decision. This rings is carried by women, but in some places even men wear. This ring was given for makeityourring diamond engagement rings to the individual by his life partner would be and that means commitment. According to custom it is the man who gives the diamond ring to the woman after marriage is completed in a grand ceremony in front of family and friends or at the time of the proposal as a sign of love.

According to customs in general, the unique diamond engagement rings is worn on the left ring finger. This is due to a myth that the finger veins, which leads directly to the heart. Diamond rings like all other jewelry, but are made in different metals such as platinum, yellow gold and white gold. You can create different stones in engagement rings such as Ruby, sapphire, pearl and diamond. But diamond is the most popular among women these days. There are several brands that are specially designed by designer diamond engagement rings for both men and women at diamond stores. Certified diamonds can be purchased through wholesale jewelry buyers. However, to make sure you have a real diamond, the stone, turning into a mirror of any kind. If the diamond cuts do not matter, your Wedding Diamond Rings is not a real diamond.
Why Women Love Gold Diamonds Engagement Rings

Diamonds and Gold together or not to sell at a dime a dozen. These items is really an investment. The ability to hand-out costs for gold and diamonds is simply, to individuals, depicting the creation made: a mark of achievement. For example, influential Hollywood Grand arrivals to wear diamonds, gold and fine clothing.

A woman with gold diamond  ring in a time is seen as more interesting. In the film with Marilyn Monroe "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Marilyn gives more than diamonds and gold ever was flashed on a woman. Men give women such a large heart shaped diamond to the woman and tell everyone he has tied a piece of art. If a woman has received a gift of diamonds and gold, it means very clearly to the woman, "I am loved." Where a person is their love for her means measurable.

They are expressing their love tangible habit that promise their love. It is OK by Gold Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery and makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

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Diamond Jewelry - Necklaces

Featured :: Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine

So excited to share that another one of our fabulous 2011 weddings has been featured in Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine. Check out Laura & Zack's wedding in the January 2012 issue of Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine...on newsstands now!

Photo courtesy of Craig Photography.

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Wedding Diamond Rings

Wedding Diamond Rings - When approaching wedding, that special day when you merge with the beloved soul must take care that all things are well in place.

 Who would believe that diamonds are the best friends a girl? Diamond rings have always been a symbol of elegance, beauty, luxury and love and all these are things that girls have always dreamed.

We all want a wedding more special as the story .. here on the site you can find some of the elements necessary to achieve this dream. As a woman you must present your wedding day perfect for you to surprise your guests enjoyed the whole we have prepared diamond wedding rings and a collection of wedding dresses. Of course you'll also need an evening dress, here can find over 400 models of dresses for different events. You can also find stories of famous weddings, wedding invitation texts, documents required for marriage to marital oficiarea, wedding calendar to know when there are weddings. You can read articles on the latest news from the world of fashion, fairs, events.


Engagement Ring ... is "bridge" to link two important stages in life couples: friendship and engagement. Moreover, EA ... is very important ... is your love, your relationship, and ... why not ... her pride when you show friends. So you should carefully choose the "play" important. Even if you intend that when the Diamond ring was a surprise dedication thoughtful, it is advisable, however ... while trying to find out about which model antique diamond rings would you like most. Subtle, but surely, this method is the guarantee that your future wife will be delighted surprise Alegre and who have prepared it.

Where to buy Wedding Diamond Rings ?

The best choice is a local jeweler who opened the business a long time ago and that can give you references. A good diamond specialist has the experience to answer your toughest questions.

There are jewelry stores that are cutting or agree to exchange material. In any version, buy at stores known where jewelers can give you the guarantee of origin, quality and value of the parts that you prefer them. 

Remember that you can ask the manufacturer certificate of diamond rings or wedding rings and other documents that specifies the exact nature and characteristics of stone.

Diamond Rings

Traditional engagement ring is the diamond. They say today that "diamonds are the best friends of a woman" although many couples choose stones for the ring. If you buy a diamond, you need to take account of cut, clarity, color and carat. Cut refers to how the stone was polished, the angles and proportions of the diamond's brilliance eventually causing results. Diamond rings can be achieved in many forms, such as emerald, oval, tear, awning, while remaining the most popular round shape (whose version is brilliant - diamond with 57 facets). Clarity refers to the degree of purity

A diamond is judged by color or rather by its absence: the more colorful than the more valuable. Carat is the unit for stone size and, although influencing the price, you should not buy with this in mind. But do not limit yourself to only search for diamond, you need to know the bride likes, because she might prefer an emerald or ruby. It is best to go shopping together and be aware of the budget. Choose quality primary but before other considerations.

It is best to go shopping together and be aware of the budget. Choose quality primary but before other considerations. If she wants unique diamond engagement rings and your budget allows you to make such a choice would be best to go shopping before you inquire about what would be most appropriate and advantageous in terms of choice of stone 

Ask a diamond rings jeweler, was the most suitable models of rings for continuous wear for the engagement ring is a simple accessory that you change at every opportunity, the ring should be worn at all times, so you need to know this detail.

Hoping that our advice will be useful, good luck and inspiration to shop diamond rings and wedding rings at reputable diamond store

Good luck ! Wedding Diamond Rings

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Art Deco engagement rings

When it comes time to shop for that perfect engagement ring to offer you and your wallet should be relaxed. For this you need to be aware of all considerations to keep in mind

Choosing an engagement ring is sometimes difficult step. For this ring should not be like others, by diamond store online offers you the possibility to design even the ring of your dreams. Customization necessary because the engagement is a unique moment of life. White gold, yellow gold, pink gold, diamond shape, the engagement ring is fashioned in front of you according to your desires. Purity, carat, and color of the diamond are selectable.
Buying an engagement ring is a major purchase, and before you buy, you should consider all your options and make sure you get the perfect ring. A unique option you might consider an antique Art Deco engagement ring. The Art Deco period, between 1925-1939 turned out some of the finest creations of architecture, decoration, furniture, cars and so engagement rings,. Take a look at what makes antique Art Deco engagement rings unique and why choose one for your future wife may be the right option for you.
Art Deco engagement rings

The Art Deco movement was characterized by the use of geometric shapes, symmetry and strong colors and contrast. Examples of Art Deco in architecture include the Chrysler Building in New York and Radio City Music Hall. Like the buildings, Art Deco engagement rings often include drawings stacked with a series of small stones surrounding a larger center stone. The stones are usually slaughtered in strong geometric shapes and are designed with symmetry in mind.

Another feature of Art Deco is a strong color contrast. While some Art Deco engagement rings are made with yellow or white gold, one of metal's most popular day for platinum rings has been. The bright white platinum contrasted sharply with the stones and helped create the characteristic of Art Deco style.

A complex watermark is another commonly in antique Art Deco engagement ring style. Complex models of the filigree work are usually combined with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies to create elegant and sophisticated designs. Often, filigree work of these rings is so detailed and complex that rings are miniature pieces of art in itself.

Most of the Art Deco engagement rings are larger than the standard engagement ring today because they have several stones or filigree. Although you can find rings reproduction, you can opt to go with an antique ring true. Often, the craftsmanship and quality of the elderly is higher than modern rings ring. In addition, if you spend some time shopping around, you can usually find great deals on antique Art Deco rings meaning you can often get more ring for your money.

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Details, details, details. There are so many details Viva loves when it comes to the world of weddings we decided to start a new monthly feature on the blog, bringing you details we found online that caught our eye and we proceeded to fall absolutely head over heals in love with!

This month's feature is a fabulously unique idea that combines escort cards with a signature drink.

Many couples choose a signature cocktail to serve their guests during cocktail hour and how cool would it be to have their drink double as their escort card, letting them know at which table they'll be seated for dinner.

Viva loves!!


Diamond rings & wedding rings Jewelry

Diamond Rings Wedding Rings Engagement Rings - There is something very special about the rings and most women appreciate from the moment they receive diamond engagement rings directly on their lives.

When you are buying your diamond ringsto suit your tastes woman, and you must also ensure that the ring havechosen for your wife is a reflection to show your love and commitment.You can use the diamond jewelry rings online sites for buying cheap engagement rings, which are not only fit your tastes and desires of your ladies rings, but also enough with your budget. Generally, Diamond use for wedding engagement ringsare very popular with couples, because diamonds are believed to be asymbol of true love. By presenting a diamond ring for your love to showhow much you love them and you're the only ones that are made for her.Engagement diamond wedding rings is a physical evidence of love and commitment between couples who are in love

Diamond rings a symbolism to express  the commitment to each other and how they want to spend the rest of their days together as lovers

Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings

Choose your wedding ring sets is the hardest part, but youshould get a ring in white gold or platinum? If you choose a band withinset diamonds on the sides, perhaps setting some diamond accents onthe side? My advice would be, just choose what you like and what youthink about your future fiancee, again, without sacrificing the qualityof your most important Rings  for  diamond engagement rings. White gold slightly cheaper, and it looks quite similar to platinum. white gold ringsshould be refinished or needs change yellow and platinum are polished,or it will lose its luster. Platinum is a heavy metal that will notwear as quickly, while the gold rings will become thinner with age.

makeityourring diamond engagement rings
Diamond ring are a girl's best friend! Did it once and it applies even today, especially fine jewelry rings belonging to the ideal of every woman. But not only women decorate their hands with the exclusive diamond engagement rings- now men have discovered the unique beauty of diamond rings forthemselves. The rings which is used is actually more important than youthought, because there dedication and love that is shared by the coupletogether, ladies rings would have represented worn by the woman forever. In various countries, men also wear a men ringsto signify that is engaged.

This ring exchange ceremony is taken veryseriously and has a very symbolic. If you are looking for an wedding engagement ring online, whether you are shopping alone or with your partner for the promise rings, there are few things that you want to use while you have your perfect diamond engagement rings. Just as the wedding ceremony itself, the choice of the wedding rings sets will be prepared carefully and with love. It should be everyone must decide for themselves what material the wedding ring.

The respective of wedding rings and diamond engagement ringsshould emphasize the personality of man and fit simultaneously to him,since personalized rings is usually worn for a lifetime and a constantcompanion. That is why many people choose marriage rather simple,timeless rings. In order to make custom rings for everyday use.

Buy Diamond Wedding Engagement Rings Jewelry Online
  • 1. Choosing metal for your Diamond Wedding Rings, It is very important that the right metal for your engagement ring. But before the Rings metal for your diamond engagement rings, you must keep your budget and preferences of your wife in the eye.  Buy cheap rings if your budget is low and you want to follow the tradition and you are looking for yellow gold rings for your engagement wedding bands,then you must remember that in general the engagement rings in 14K or18K gold.
    • 2. Settings Diamond Wedding Rings, If you choose the gold engagement rings for your wife then selecting an appropriate setting for your gemstone ringsis important. The setting is how the diamond is mounted on the ring.You can find a variety of settings in diamond rings and each settinghas its own look. But the most common setting for diamond ring is prongsetting. But if you're looking for something else then you can opt forbezel-go.
    • 3. Options for your Diamond Wedding Rings Ingeneral, the most common and popular diamond is round. But there aremany other options such as princess, heart, square and marquise. Youcan also cut Asscher and can make your heart ring a unique look. You buy your ring from the renowned jewelry rings store. You always have to buy your Wedding Rings and diamond ringfrom reputable jeweler.
    Diamond engagement rings,wedding rings
      Diamond engagement ringsare extremely beautiful gems on top of all the precious stones. Decadesago they were top class and only rich people in possession of becausethey were not affordable by ordinary people. Diamond ringshave love, commitment and performance symbolizes. Studdedwith precious stones of rings is the first choice for the modern couple who always engaged.

      If you are lookingfor a G.I.A Certified diamond rings at wholesale prices, do nothesitate to contact at Shiree Odizthe best diamonds store in the world, you can get exquisite collectionof unique designer diamond engagement ring setting designs for your personal thing.

      You can choosevaluable diamond rings, buy sensational jewelry and get the best price of your dream rings for your wedding diamond engagement rings

      It is OK - diamond wedding engagement rings

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      Diamond Jewelries- Diamond Rings

      Diamond Ring

      Diamond Wedding Ring

      Diamond Engagement Ring

      Diamond Ear Ring

      Men Diamond Ring

      Blue Diamond Ring