Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easy Ways to Get the Industrial Look at Your Next Event

My darlings, I'm so excited to share this event I styled over the weekend with you.  The brief was to create an industrial chic dinner party for a super fun birthday girl's dinner at eatery Bloodwood. It's easier than you think to get the look, so, lets break it down step by step for you! As a base I started building some natural elements - the gorgeous wooden table, natural linen place mats and fun accents like ferns and flowers.  The next step was to add some glass elements - mini milk bottles, artwork suspended in terrarium style jars, fairy lights wrapped in tissue paper installed in more terrarium style jars.  Lastly it was time to add some fun accents - letter montages, super cute chalk board name tags and  multicoloured toxteth chairs for pops of industrial colour.

PS. If you are interested in me helping you with your next event, just DM me!